“To provide expeditious and consistent benefits to members by prudently investing members’ contribution and Scheme assets”

The Board of Trustees together with the fund’s investment managers endeavours to prudently invest available funds in an optimized portfolio that yield favourable returns. The ultimate responsibility for the investment decisions rests with the Trustees. The Trustees have documented an investment strategy which increases the Trustees’ understanding of the strategy they have adopted.

It also provides a reference for future trustees taking over the mantle of trusteeship to understand the strategies adopted by their predecessors. The Board delegates the implementation of the investment policies and direction to the Scheme’s Investment Manager. In addition, the Board delegates the implementation of the property related policies to the appropriate Committee appointed and the Appointed Property Manager. In doing so, the Board maintains a ‘top-down’ perspective. This means that the Board focuses on important policy level issues, including maintaining the proper fiduciary perspective and time horizon for analysis of the assets and prudently using its time by evaluating/considering the most material issues.